Case Study on Policy Engagement: Florianopolis City Councelor Maikon Costa


A crucial aspect of the BRIDGE project is the work we do on policy engagement, especially at the local level in Santa Catarina. Professor Baltazar Guerra, the BRIDGE PI in Brazil, has been working with local policy makers for more than a decade, addressing sustainability issues at the city, state and federal levels.  


A particularly successful collaborations has been taking place with Florianopolis City Councelor Maikon Costa. Maikon has supported the organisation and delivery of BRIDGE project activities in Florianopolis, including the international workshop of 2017, where the Nexus challenges of Brazil were discussed in detail.  


In September 2018, Dr Pablo Salas (PS) and Prof. Baltazar Guerra (BG) interviewed Maikon Costa (MC), to know more about his work on sustainability, his connection with the BRIDGE project and the influence of BRIDGE on his 'Urban Farming' bill proposal at the Florianopolis City Council. Here we present an extract of the interview.